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At Cornerstone Childcare Academy, we believe that we are responsible for nourishing, preparing, and developing the future leaders of tomorrow. We believe in nourishing and enriching the whole child in a warm, caring environment that enhances the simple joys of childhood, while nurturing their natural desire to explore, discover and be active participants in the learning process. Our curriculum is designed around the latest brain development research centered around the following domains of early childhood development:


  • Cognitive Development

  • Social-Emotional Development

  • Speech and Language

  • Mathematics

  • Cultural Science

  • Art and Craft

  • Sensorial

  • Practical Life

  • Fine Motor & Gross Motor

  • Music


We believe that a strong partnership between parents and educators is an essential component in effective learning. Therefore, we strongly encourage parental involvement to reach this goal. During these critical years of development, we believe that each child develops at their own pace, and it is our job to meet the needs of each individual child in order to help them reach their fullest potential. We want our children to have a solid foundation during the early formative years that will carry them successfully throughout the rest of their lives.

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